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Life Settlements are a powerful tool in any financial advisors toolkit. When used skillfully they facilitate the creation of liquidity that many clients where not aware of.
Historically life settlements provide an average of four times as much money as the cash surrender value offered by insurers. Frequently clients are at risk of defaulting on his or her life insurance premiums and are unaware of the power of life settlements.
In these situations advisors that work with the Life Settlement Institute have the tools to help their clients find benefit in a policy that has become burdensome.
"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."
Mark Twain
Up to 60% of advisors are under the impression that working with life settlements requires a specialized knowledge set. As a result many advisors do not feel confident that they can incorporate life settlements into their toolkit of financial services. It is true that advisors should have a robust understanding of any service they offer their clients.
The Life Settlement Institute works to bridge this knowledge gap and provide timely and streamlined information, in addition to industry leading resources to advisors.
These resources highlight members of the Life Settlement Institute as taking the extra step towards looking out for their clients needs.

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