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Each year billions of dollars in life insurance death benefits are allowed to lapse worthless. Many of these polices represent vital capital that should have been retained by the insured via the life settlement market.
Historically, life settlements provide an average of four times as much money as the cash surrender value offered by insurers. Both seniors and their relatives are in desperate need of exposure to this valuable financial resource.
The Life Settlement Institute has dedicated itself to connecting individuals with both the tools and market professionals to help guide them through the life settlement process.
Knowledge is Power - (Scientia potentia est)
Francis Bacon
Up to 80% of current policy holders are under the impression their policy has no value beyond the death benefit or current cash value. As a result when confronted with accelerating premiums they often feel forced to let their policies lapse after years of paying premiums.
It is true the life settlements are sophisticated financial instruments but this should not dissuade individuals from exploring their options before letting their policies lapse.
The Life Settlement Institute works to bridge this knowledge gap and provide timely and streamlined information, in addition to industry leading resources.
These resources provide necessary education and guidance to help individuals get the most from their life insurance.

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